video demonstration of how I could make a retail purchase of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard installed and updated to version 10.6.6 on an ASUS P7P55D. I used iBoot …
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  1. Novit Buton says:

    Can? i do this on laptop not pc?

  2. John Telstra says:

    Can? tonymacx86 create a installation for Mac OS X cheetah (version 10.0)

  3. neoncreeper271 says:

    do you? need to patch it?

  4. TheoryBreakerHacks says:

    i did it too, yes :P ?

  5. John Telstra says:

    Where did you? get the nvidia driver package? Please Reply quickly.

  6. LypacolypseTV says:

    No. Unibeast is? ONLY for Lion installations

  7. beelzeb0z0 says:


  8. nxzSuperdrol says:

    Can i use a Downloaded version of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard? ?

  9. John Telstra says:

    Can? you patch it with UniBeast?

  10. overthrowthesystem says:

    Macs are wastes because all the components are glued, so NO upgrade. And all is overpriced like a motherfucker. So how about NO!?

  11. John Telstra says:

    My WD hardrive is 700 GB. I might have some gigs left for hosting this installation.. Unfortunatly my pc doesn’t have intel core i3 or i5 or i7. So it didn’t work out for me =( . But my grandma has? i5 but I don’t want anything bad to happen to her pc, just cause of the installation.

  12. Dylan Thorner says:


  13. Eugenio Campagna says:

    Hi ! the LAN is ok ?
    this MB have “RealtekĀ® 8112L Gigabit LAN controller featuring AI NET2″
    I have? a “RealtekĀ® 8111F Gigabit LAN controller” on P8B75-M but I can not find kext for ML 10.08 :(

    Can you help me ?

  14. beelzeb0z0 says:

    Download it from the tonymacx86 site,? like I state in the video.

  15. Dylan Thorner says:

    do you have a link? to iBoot 2.6?

  16. beelzeb0z0 says:

    No, you should be able to use iBoot to boot your install and then you should have your ethernet working? so that you can download MultiBeast.

  17. beelzeb0z0 says:

    Purchase from?

  18. RavingReviews125 says:

    @beelzeb0z0 so it’ll install itself and? I wouldn’t need to download multibeast from another computer first?

  19. Exton Wilson says:

    do i need? the retain copy of snow leopard

  20. KickAssGunn says:

    yes you can if you have a Dual Layer DVD (8GB) to burn the ISO image or a? USB to convert to a Bootable Flash Drive but its is highly illegal and infringes Apple’s copyright and is not recommended

  21. Nick bell says:

    i tryed to? install mac os x snow leopard and everything works except for the boot loader and the resolution. I have the NVIDIA GE force 430 and mac os x is only giving me one resolution option.

    i installed the chameleon 2.0 rcs but when i tryed to boot directly from the hard drive it gives me errors. I’m running mac os x on a Lenovo PC with and i7 processor.

    Thank you for your time. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  22. supermario2804 says:

    hello i have? 2 quetions , will work this for hackintosh ,,
    : Intel Ivy 3. I5-3570 @ bis 4×4.400 Mhz OC, 8 GB Ram DDR3 1600 Mhz Ram , 500 GB Sata 3.0 6 Gb/s Festplatte, 22 x Sata DVD Dual? Brenner LG ,Nvidia Geforce GTX? 660 3072 MB (3GB), Mainbaord MSI Z77A PCI-Express 3.0 USB 3.0, SATA 3.0, OC-Genie II Military Class III, UEFI Click? Bios
    , and where i get the drivers kextes ??

  23. benracer theracer says:

    will this? delet windows?

  24. raymond van der hooft says:

    hey the wrok on the saus Maximum IV GENE-Z wit i7-2600k wit ddr 16gb ? if works? plz send me torial plz

  25. xClutch69x says:

    can i do this on a lenovo g565 , that? runs on wndows 7 ?